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Core Principles

Play Your Position

Every good athlete knows the importance of playing their position. When you get caught paying attention to others or trying to complete their assignment, you often end up hurting yourself, along with causing the team to fail. This truth holds true as it relates to our health and wellness. We shouldn’t get caught up experimenting with diets and nutrition protocols that our friends are doing or may have done well on. Every Pro must know themself – their skills, their abilities, along with their strengths and their weaknesses. The first step towards achieving health, wellness and holistic living is becoming in tune with your body and realizing your individuality as it relates to what feeds and nourishes you and what fundamental life techniques help you to strive, thrive and dive into your purpose.

“Its All in the Fundamentals”
Get back to basics

Michael Jordan was once quoted with saying, “Get the fundamentals down and everything you do will rise.” This statement not only applies to athletics and the sports arena but to our health as well. If we get back to the basics – seasonal whole foods and holistic living – we too will see our quality of life rise. I know you are familiar with the old saying – “Quality in, Quality out”. How can you excel if what you put into your body is substandard? You can only perform at your best if what is inside you is the best. However, it goes deeper than that. And by deeper we mean straight out of the ground. We should be eating foods that either came from the ground or those whom have eaten directly from the ground. The idiom “you are what eat” needs to considered in its complete form. For example, if you have a delicious beef steak for dinner, you want the cow raised in a humane way and pasture fed using grass. But you want more than that – you want the grass the cow ate to be grown using non-GMO seed and organic fertilizers.

Forget about processed foods. Don’t eat a meal that has been produced in a factory, made from genetically modified plants and animals, loaded with chemical preservatives and other things of which you are unaware. Let’s get back to the basics. Make your own meals out of ingredients that were produced simply and organically. Use plants that were produced organically from unmodified seeds. Use meats that are either wild caught or fed an organic diet. By getting back to eating foods that were produced from “the ground up,” you return to the fundamentals of life.

Build Your Team

Just as a good head coach needs to build a strong coaching staff, you need to surround yourself with other pros that will help, encourage, support and act as a teammate as you stirve to live at your peak. By surrounding yourself with the right resources, wellness practitioners, and supportive fans (spouse, friends, and family) you can build the right game plan for sustainable wellness along with the ever important positive attitude (winning mentality) that will push you further down your health and wellness path.

Diversify Your Game Plan

“Variety, Variety, Variety.” The game is won through planning and creating diverse plays that provide different opportunities to accomplish the goal. The same can be said for game planning for wellness. It is extremely important for you to incorporate a variety of whole foods into your meals to ensure that you are acquiring a diverse group of nutrients. Combining and compiling nutrients in the right ways is the key. Variety is not only the spice of life, but a requirement for a healthy life.

Enjoy the Game

Living healthy and eating nutritiously doesn’t have to be work. It doesn’t have to be a bunch of rules and regulations that prohibit you from enjoying the process of sitting down and eating a healthy, delicious, well-prepared meal. Instead of making healthy living seem like work, think like a professional athlete. While a pro athlete works hard, he never forgets to enjoy the game – to enjoy the work it took to get there, to enjoy the process of the game, and to enjoy the elation and satisfaction of victory. You’ll even find that the victory tastes even better (literally) with fresh, organic foods. Enjoy gaining knowledge about yourself, your own body, and holisitc living. Enjoy the playing of the game – relish the time you spend with family and friends thinking about, preparing, and eating healthy meals. Finally, enjoy the victory – see and feel the difference in your body, sit back and savor the love you have shared with your team (family and friends) along the way, and relish the fact that the love you have shown toward yourself and toward others has made an good impact – you feel good, you look good, you’ve eaten well!

Now – get out there with your Pro Playbook and PLAY!