Transform your game by transforming what’s stocked in your kitchen.



A pantry makeover will help you take your game to a higher level by helping to improve your food selections and provide you with action steps on how to make healthier choices moving forward.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to reduce processed, packaged, or sugary foods in their diet and replace them with whole foods and minimally processed alternatives. This is also great for those parents who are growing high performers and want to ensure that they are offering better and more healthful and enjoyable options in their little Pro’s breakfast routine, lunch box, and dinner plate.


Review of the foods in your pantry and refrigerator.

Quick tips on how to quickly decipher nutrition labels and ingredients; to make it a simpler and easier process to notice the healthy from the not so healthy food items.

A personalized Pro Kitchen Report with a list of better options for you to buy at the grocery store and easy-to-incorporate wellness tips.

Pro suggestions on how to organize and store your food for maximum freshness and slower spoilage, along with go to recipes on how to use those fruits and vegetables before they go bad.

Follow-up call to discuss modifications and improvements.

Note:You must be located in Seattle or a surrounding area.

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