Goji Berry, Pistachio, and Seeded Granola

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Goji Berry, Pistachio, and Seeded Granola Granol-yeah. Granola and yogurt was THE staple snack of my youth. The light and crunchy treat can be used not only as a topping on yogurt but also eaten as a cereal or all by itself as a snack. This recipe is an ode to my childhood and Saturday [...]

Maca Mocha Smoothie

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Maca Mocha Smoothie Are you sluggish and find it difficult to get yourself up and going in the morning? Have you become reliant on your morning coffee to do the trick. This is the perfect morning coffee alternative. Skip the ice blended mocha and go for this nutritious pick me up. This rich smoothie will [...]

Warm Lentil Walnut Spread

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Warm Lentil Walnut Spread Crackers are so much better when you have something to dip them in. There is something so delightful about the combination of smooth and creamy with a light crunch. This delicious spread is a perfect midday snack when paired with crackers or toast but also elegant enough to be served at [...]

Gluten Free Black & Blue Berry Muffins

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Gluten-Free Black & Blue Berry Muffins Of all the muffins in the world my first choice will always be blueberry. Why purchase the pre-packaged, bulk-size assortment of muffins when you know you are after only on flavor and you can easily whip up a healthier batch all by yourself. This recipe adds the addition of [...]

Millet, Adzuki & Vegetable Stew

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Millet, Adzuki & Vegetable Stew A pot of stew is a pot of comfort, especially on a cold and wet day in the winter. It is especially irresistible when you can get all you need in that one pot without having to add or dirty another pan. This protein rich vegetable stew is a perfect [...]

Gluten-Free Zucchini Bread

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Gluten-Free Zucchini Bread This recipe harkens back to my stepfather's childhood, but with some modern twists. Grandma was always trying to come up with ways to fully utilize the summertime harvest from their garden - she didn't want anything going to waste. She came up with a tasty zucchini bread that made good use of [...]

Spinach & Citrus Salad
 with Roasted Shiitake
 Mushroom Vinaigrette

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Spinach & Citrus Salad with Roasted Shiitake Mushroom Viniagrette Not only is this recipe a hit, but also, because of its food synergy, it is absolutely a home run. Food synergy is basically a dish’s ability to go beyond tasting great. By strategically combining certain components and specific ingredients, you are able to tap into [...]