Pro Tips: How to Rid Yourself of Those Cravings from the Ghost of Holiday Dishes Past?

Sometimes you literally have to just scrape that taste out of your mouth. The holiday may be in the past, but do you find yourself still having excessive cravings for that one special holiday dish? Are you finding it hard to jump back into your fresh and healthy dinner routine? Are you feeling a little [...]

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Why You Should Skip the Bar of Soap
this Labor Day Weekend

Summer is winding down, but it definitely feels like the sun and the heat are committed to staying turned up, just in time for Labor Day. I know that most of you are looking forward to spending your extended weekend this Labor Day basking in all of the sun’s glory. Labor Day is a holiday [...]

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Roll Me Out Like Dough –
Why You Should Foam Roll

Thursday is my self care day. It is a day I slow down from my busy schedule and purposely set aside time to focus on me - my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Today, I started my morning workout with a spin class and ended it with an amazing foam roller class. My tender [...]

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