Pro Tips: How to Rid Yourself of Those Cravings from the Ghost of Holiday Dishes Past?

Sometimes you literally have to just scrape that taste out of your mouth. The holiday may be in the past, but do you find yourself still having excessive cravings for that one special holiday dish? Are you finding it hard to jump back into your fresh and healthy dinner routine? Are you feeling a little [...]

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How to pick a proper sweet potato for your sweet potato pie?

My granny is famous for her sweet potato pie. She comes from a generation where home cooking was the standard and she lived the Beyonce lyric “strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business.” This generation worked an 8 hour day, came home and cooked a Sunday meal full of fresh ingredients [...]

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A Guide to Recognizing the Gift

The question of whether or not your child is gifted may have crossed your mind. As parents, it is your responsibility to recognize and nuture their gifts. In my last blog, I discussed how to recognize special gifts in your child. But what are some of these special gifts? Here are some examples of noticeable [...]

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Putting the “good” into “housekeeping”

After finishing up at the recent James Beard Foundation Conference (this year’s theme was “Rethinking the Future of Food”), attendees were invited to tour the Good Housekeeping Institute in New York City. Located inside the Hearst Tower in midtown Manhattan (near Columbus circle and just south of Central Park), the Good Housekeeping Institute is responsible [...]

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Why You Should Skip the Bar of Soap
this Labor Day Weekend

Summer is winding down, but it definitely feels like the sun and the heat are committed to staying turned up, just in time for Labor Day. I know that most of you are looking forward to spending your extended weekend this Labor Day basking in all of the sun’s glory. Labor Day is a holiday [...]

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Six Healthy Foods
for Your Summer BBQ

Summer is all about enjoying the outdoors, sun tan lines and good food. But fruits and vegetables tend to get jealous, because although it is their prime season, many people opt to place some sort of meat on the grill. Why should humans and meats be the only ones with tan lines – these fruits [...]

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The Flintstones

My inspiration for the “…and growing” came from my brother Maurice, who called my son a “Flintstone kid, 10 million strong …and growing.” Now some of you may remember the advertising slogan, “We’re Flintstone kids…10 million strong… and growing.” [Now I can’t get this song out of my head!] My son was “that kid.” He [...]

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Branded Short Film MVPs

Here are a few of our MVPs as featured in our Branded Short Film: 1. Le Creuset Stainless Steel Tea Kettle – I absolutely love this tea kettle. I like to keep my counters and stove top clear (thanks mom for this slight OCD), but this is one thing that I don’t mind leaving out [...]

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Kitchen Techniques:
How To Supreme An Orange?

No, you’re not going to have to turn your kitchen into the “Motown” showcase. So go ahead and put away that wig and your platform shoes and simply grab your paring knife. The term supreming is just a jazzed up word describing the specific technique of removing a citrus fruit’s membrane from its more tasty [...]

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