Branded Short Film MVPs


Here are a few of our MVPs
as featured in our Branded Short Film:

1. Le Creuset Stainless Steel Tea Kettle – I absolutely love this tea kettle. I like to keep my counters and stove top clear (thanks mom for this slight OCD), but this is one thing that I don’t mind leaving out because of its sleek and contemporary finished look that complements my kitchen. Oddly enough, I also like the whistle it gives off to let me know it is ready. It’s kind of like a nice complementary whistle, even though I am far from presentable at that time of the morning.

2. Boyfriend Shirt – Persimmon Hears Her Wish – I am definitely the wife that LOVES to put on her hubbies oversized t-shirts, so when I came across this one from Plum, Pretty, Sugar, I had to have it! I love that it is made of the featherweight fabric, cotton voile, and is patterned in an ever so feminine persimmon floral pattern that allows for you to be comfortable, but still very cute and stylish for bedtime. The button-down elements takes this shirt from nightwear to loungewear – because anyone that knows me knows I would stay in my PJs all day if I could. Maybe now I can?!?

3. Nutra Ninja® Pro – This has to be my husband’s favorite kitchen gadget. Don’t be fooled by its looks – this ninja definitely has some powerful kung fu moves. It is exceptional at blending! It’s so exceptional at what it does that my husband uses it almost every morning! He loves that he can throw all his prepared fruits and veggies in one contraption, press, then twist the to-go cap on and get going. I love that he loves to make whole fruits and vegetable smoothies without any encouragement from me.

4. Powerbeats2 Wireless Earphones – Exercise to me is such a freeing experience. It’s the time of the day that I can simply detach from it all. So, when I was blessed to receive this gift from my parents this past Christmas, I was super excited to incorporate them into my exercise routine. I truly enjoy using these earphones – they’re hands-free, tangle-free, super lightweight, and sweat and water resistant. These earphones allow me to get into the zone with no muss or fuss, and no fidgeting. It allows for me to focus on my exercise and not on anything else.

5. Life Factory Glass Bottle – I try to use as much glass as possible and steer away from plastics whenever I can. I use glass container ware to store my make ahead meals or my leftovers (when I have them) and I just love my new Life Factory Glass Bottle. I had passed by it many times at my local grocery store but never purchased it. But now that I have it, I just LOVE IT! I love the hexagonal silicone sleeve that makes for easy grip (even if your hands are sweaty from a workout). Its cap and handle makes it easy to pick up and carry with you, assuring that you are well hydrated all day. It’s especially great for those special fruit infused waters – it’s easy to drop in your favorite fruits, quickly pour over your water, and go.

6. Microplane ® Rasp Grater – I’m like the “Little Mermaid” – I have gadgets and gizmos aplenty. But this is definitely one of my favorite “small wonders.” This streamlined tool is perfect for zesting citrus, as it has the ability to create such amazingly tiny, fine and delicate strands, much better than the smallest grate on your box grater. Also, in comparison to the box grater, its shape and the way it encourages your motion helps to assure that you don’t get any pith. Using this grater is like a finesse sport – a light and easy touch and motion is all you need – it’s all in the wrist. I also use it to grate fresh nutmeg or event to grate garlic when I have a recipe where I would rather have a smooth consistency, and not pieces of chopped up garlic.

7. Feed 2 Kenya Bag – I love to cook. I love to eat. But most of all I love to feed people (both literally and figuratively). So when I heard about the Feed Project a non-profit organization committed to “creating good products that help feed the world.” I knew I wanted to be apart in some way, and what better way than to purchase a bag. The Feed 2 Kenya bag is one of my favorites its intricate bead work make it fashionable and chic but made out of burlap and cotton makes it great for everyday wear. The two greatest things about it is that it is handcrafted in Kenya and that your purchase makes an impact by providing 2 children with school meals for one year. I love to use this bag when I need to do a quick run to the grocer or my local farmer’s market.

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