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Hi readers! Welcome to the first blog for “Raising a High Performer.”

I am so excited to share with you my stories while “keeping it real” on how I raised my children to be high performers.

As the evangelist D.T. Niles once said, “I am just one beggar trying to tell another beggar where to get the bread.” That’s who I am – just a mother trying to help another mother raise high performing children.

Now married for over twenty one years, I haven’t always had the luxury of a two parent home. I spent many years as a single parent and know the struggles that we parents make for our children. I have two children, a son and a daughter, who are high performers in their game.

Both are college graduates who maintain high work ethics and are assets to their communities. My daughter, an honor graduate, is the Founder and CEO of “The Pro’s Kitchen,” a tireless researcher, health administrator/coach, a visionary and an inspiration to others.
I have a son (Tony Parrish) who is a retired professional football player of 9 years and a son-n-law (Mike Patterson) who currently has played for 10 years. We share a history of favorite teams of which they both have played: Chicago Bears, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants.

We added the blog “Raising a High Performer” to this site based on many friends who have asked the question, “How did you raise two exceptional children who are believers, honor students, well rounded, successful, lovers of classical music, with high moral values, and such a commitment to eating and living a clean lifestyle?”

Throughout my son’s professional football career, people asked me, “What did you do?” or suggested, “You should write a book on how you raised a professional athlete.”

Sometimes I even think how did I, a single mother who worked three jobs (at times) end up with such children. They are truly a blessing from above and the loves of my life. But I realize, looking back, that there was a game plan being played out that now I am able to share with you, the reader.

I want to reach you, those parents who have asked me directly and those who just prayed that prayer and asked the “how” and “what” questions.

I have walked through many situations that required me to be open and honest while encouraging both myself and my children.
I was not alone on this journey – the love of God helped to carry me through.

Woven in my stories is advice that I hope you will take with you in growing your little high performer at home. Whether your high performer is an academic achiever or an athlete, be encouraged – you can do it!

As we get to know each other, there will be future blogs that will help you to recognize your child’s gift, why and how not to discipline, how to handle unfairness in the classroom and on the field, growing self-esteem, building your support team and many others. Accompanied with some of these teachings are funny stories: “The Prove it Kid,” “The Cup,” “Hunts Tomatoes Sauce Mom – You Know Who You Are,” and even more.

So come back and visit me. You will learn some of my tactics I used as a mother, from infant to adulthood. Perhaps you will gain tips or additional knowledge as I travel back with you.

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